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OBOA Certification Program

An enhanced Certification Program to recognize professional excellence

In 1982 - The Association developed it first certification program for qualifying members. This was the OBOA initial approach to establishing levels of competency in the administration of building regulation throughout Ontario.

For over 50 years the OBOA has played a leading role in the education, training and professional development of Ontario’s municipal Building Officials. The OBOA is committed to maintaining the highest degree of professionalism in the field of Building Code administration and building safety, while promoting uniform code interpretation and enforcement through training and education services, and other related committee work.

It is recognized that individuals entering the Building Official profession possess a wide range of education,training and work experience backgrounds. One of the strategic goalsof the OBOA’s Strategic Plan2012+ is to offer a professional certification program that provides assurance of a Building Official’s level of qualification. This priority is achieved through a Certification Program that supports accurate and consistent Building Code administration and enforcement throughout the province.The OBOA first recognized this priority with a certification program which began in 1983and was revised in 1992 to issue the first CBCO designation in December of that same year.

"We understand that continuous professional development will become a requirement for retaining your BCIN numbers, and is already a requirement of the CBCO system. As a result, CPD information (such as courses attended and completed) will soon need to be made available to municipal employers, designer employers, other professional associations that our members belong to, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as well as other parties who have a reasonable need to receive CPD information.

The OBOA has become a recognized source by legislators, regulators and other interested parties of authoritative information on CPD credits. Therefore, beginning in September 2018, CPDP credit data within OBOA's database will be available by request of these parties who have a reasonable need for such information.

Please ensure that you stay current with your reporting of credits, and that you are properly scanned where technology is used to verify attendance at qualifying events, such as the AMTS training sessions and some chapter events.
If you have any questions about our handling of your personal information, please visit our privacy policy located on our website at: privacy policy

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FAQ’s related to the implementation of this program.
“Any further questions or clarifications or can be directed to Shawn Merriman the Educational Credit Liaison to the Membership and alternatively through the OBOA office to Mike Gagne.”

In conclusion, I believe that this enhanced Certification Program will serve to further the professionalism and aims of this Association and its Membership. Again, I thank each and every individual who has contributed to the end product through sharing their ideas and comments. The support has been appreciated.

Sincerely, Chris Nagy, CBCO, OBOA (Director | Region C)

Certification Chair Members are responsible for maintaining their Certification. To do this, they must: remain in good standing yearly by paying their annual dues no later than June 1st of each year, and acquire the necessary Maintenance Points as outlined on the Maintenance webpage. Members receiving Certification within any given Maintenance Cycle are not required to accumulate Maintenance Points for that cycle.
Should you still have further questions relating to your Certification, please contact the OBOA office or the Certification Committee Chair: Francois J Couture