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Certification Application Form

The Certification Program continues to prescribe minimum levels of examination, education and experience to achieve designation. This program is an enhancement to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) qualification examination requirements, thereby signifying a level of competency above the legislated baseline. Upon completion of required training and municipal experience, a Government Member can apply to receive the professional designation Certified Building Code Official (CBCO). When a Government Member has completed the required training, yet lacks the requisite experience component, or an Associate Member has completed the required training, the professional designation Building Code Qualified (BCQ) is available.

This certification program contains a number of streams related to the specialized sectors of the regulatory system in which a Building Official must be proficient and qualified. The current CBCO and BCQ designations of current members that possess them will be maintained, however a member may now choose to hold certification in more than one stream. As in the past, the BCQ designation will have the same examination and education requirements as the CBCO designation without an experience component.

The obtain an OBOA certification designation you first must have an OBOA membership, If you do not you can do that here

Applicant Information

Certification Type
Streams Applying For

Application Information
You must provide proof of completion of each requirement. You can find a Paper version of this form, as well as more information HERE which should also be provided.

Requirement Applicable Stream(s) Proof of Completion
MMAH Exam - Building Services
MMAH Exam - CBO Legal
MMAH Exam - Fire Protection
MMAH Exam - General
MMAH Exam - House
MMAH Exam - Large Buildings
MMAH Exam - On-Site Sewage Systems
MMAH Exam - Plumbing - All Buildings
MMAH Exam - Small Buildings
12 hours Occupational Skills Training (18 hours for the Administrator Stream)
Building Officials and the Law
Building Services
Community Planning and Zoning Administration
Legal Processes for Building Officials
Part 3 Classification and Construction
Part 3 Health and Safety
Part 8 On-Site Sewage Systems
Part 9 Building Envelope
Part 9 Building Structural
Part 9 Fire Protection
Part 9 Health and Safety
Plumbing - All Buildings
Residential HVAC Inspection
Residential Plumbing Inspection
Small Buildings
3 Year Post-Secondary Education in a Related Field to Building Design and/or Construction
PLAR Application
3 Years of Municipal Experience as a Municipal Building Official Performing Inspections, Plans Review and/or Administrative Duties(Supervising Staff if Administrator Stream) - Please provide a letter from your Employer stating this.

Employment Information

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