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Interprovincial Certification Equivalency Assessment Form

Does your Certification and experience match OBOA’s Certification program?

If you are a building code official whose certification, knowledge and experience are equivalent to the OBOA certification program, and have work experience in another province, territory or country, other than Ontario you can have your certification and skills compared to the OBOA Certification program.

The Interprovincial Equivalency Assessment (ICEA) process assesses your skills based on the OBOA’s certification programs. If you meet all the training requirements of OBOA’s certification streams, you will qualify to apply for certification in your stream.

Is the Trade Equivalency Assessment process right for me?

If one of the below describes your Certification and experience, then you are eligible to complete the ICEA process.

  • Certified Building Code Official / Building Code Qualified
If you hold a recognized certificate from another province or territory in Canada (i.e. out-of-province Certificate of Qualification), then before you can apply for the OBOA CBCO or BCQ certification membership Class you must complete a ICEA form for review and approval.

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