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Region D

Niagara Chapter


Niagara/Hamilton Chapter (since 1975)
The Niagara/Hamilton Chapter of the Ontario Building Officials Association meet once a month(near last Thursday of each month) to share and discuss Building Code/construction issues and ideas and solutions. Our meetings/events may include a seminar, a new facility tour, a product presentation or a technical code session. The Niagara/Hamilton Chapter consists of 13 Municipalities, they include;
Town of Fort Erie, Town of Lincoln, Town of Grimsby, Town of NOTL, Town of Pelham, Township of West Lincoln, Township of Wainfleet, City of Niagara Falls, City of Welland, City of Thorold, City of Port Colborne, City of St.Catharines and City of Hamilton

Hi all Chapter members, We are now in our 44th year of the Niagara Chapter 2018-2019. Turnout has been good to our meetings, lets keep it up! Our next event will be our last chapter meeting of the current season in April before our annual Golf outing and summer break, an email will be sent prior to all members with details. Hope to see everyone there.
Chair:Luciano Chieca - Niagara Falls
Telephone:905-356-7521 Ext. 4244
Deputy Chair:Mark Tardif - Wainfleet
Telephone:905-899-3463 Ext. 4358
Treasurer:Valentino Boccia - City of St. Catharines
Telephone:905-688-5601 Ext. 1624
Secretary:Andrew Puszczalowski - City of Welland

Administraton of Chapter Information, documents and news can be found in the chapters collaboration workspace.
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