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2016 Annual Meeting and Training Sessions Presentations

"Technical Sessions are provided by the presenters and content of the presentations are not the opinion of the OBOA"

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Presenter Presentations

Modern Wood Buildings

Setting the Standard for Building Guards

Fire and Sound Control Solutions for Sustainable Habitat

Radiant Hydronic Heating (Beyond the Loop Layout)

Moving of the Horticultural Building at Lansdowne Park

Moving of the Horticultural Building at Lansdowne Park

Structural Engineering of Midrise Wood Framed Buildings, a Building Code Perspective

Understanding Moisture & Energy Movement Through the Building Envelope

National Farm Building Code Update

10 EIFS - The Cladding with the Smallest Ecological Footprint

11 Wood Use in the Design of Non-Combustible Buildings

12 CCMC Evaluation of Products

13 What You Ought to Know When Enforcing the Building Code Act

14 Radon and the Ontario Building Code

15 Radon and the Ontario Building Code

16 Applicable Law 1

17 Christchurch Experience 2014-2016

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