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OBOA Internship

Internship Program

This program is for Building Officials who are members of the OBOA, and who currently do not meet all of the requirements for the Provincial Qualification. The program is intended to assist Municipalities with an Internship Program for Municipal Building Officials. This proactive approach of working in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) and OBOA, is aimed at equipping Municipalities via Building Inspectors in achieving full compliance with the Regulations. Current employees can continue to perform their tasks in context of the Regulation under a mentor, while new employees are able to perform certain tasks while completing qualification requirements as set out by the Internship Review Committee.

Enrolment Criteria 

Prior to enrolment in the Internship Program, an intern must have one of the following completed:

a) One of the Ministry’s Legal/Process examinations (General, CBO, RCA or Designer);
b) Possess not less than five (5) years verified experience as a building official or building practitioner or
c) An equivalent combination of post-secondary education and experience in the area of practice.

Internship Options

Tier 1 will encompass those qualifications, in part or in whole, which relate to qualifications as set out in Division C, Table of the 2006 Ontario Building Code. Specifically: “House”, “ Plumbing - House” “HVAC - House” and “On-site Sewage Systems”. Interns may be enrolled for not longer than 18 months, except that a further period of 6 months may be added for personal hardship.

Tier 2
shall comprise all other qualification categories such as Small Buildings”, “Large Buildings”, “Complex Buildings”, “Building Services”, “Building Structural”, “Plumbing – All Buildings” etc. The legal qualification will either be obtained prior to Intern application or as a component of either Tier 1 or 2. Interns may be enrolled for not longer than 12 months, except that a further period of 6 months may be added for personal hardship.

In consideration of diverse municipal conditions, enrolment in both tiers concurrently will be accepted. Interns may only participate once in each Tier. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

The Internship Program will include a supervised practical internship in addition to the necessary training to achieve Provincial Qualification. A Provincially qualified inspector or chief building official as required by Division C, Article of the Ontario Building Code will provide the mentorship.  The mentor must be an OBOA member and will also need to demonstrate compliance with the procedures of a supervising and reporting program to be established between the OBOA, the Mentor (and /or the municipality) and the Intern for the purposes of monitoring the progress and fulfillment of the Internship.

Endorsement from the Chief Building Official or Municipal clerk is required on Municipal letterhead.

Internship Process