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Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) Forms and FAQ's

Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) Forms and FAQ's

Published: 2016-12-05,  

(effective January 1, 2017)

New EEDS forms and FAQ’s are now available to assist permit applicants, designers, contractors, energy evaluators and building officials in navigating the new SB-12 requirements.  With refinements to the energy efficiency compliance path options in SB-12 it was felt separate forms for the prescriptive and performance methods would better serve the industry. The two forms capture similar information found on the old form and incorporate the new changes coming into effect January 1, 2017. When using the forms it is important that the information being captured from the Architectural and Mechanical documents is consistent. The Guide on the reverse side of the form provides some additional information on completing the forms.

The EEDS forms were developed by an industry stakeholder group, including the Ontario Home Builders Association, Large Municipal Chief Building Officials and the Ontario Building Officials Association. The FAQ’s have also been updated to provide additional clarification on some of the changes and to provide guidance when filling out the EEDS forms or dealing with interpretative issues. The working group continues to monitor and transfer information that will increase the understanding and compliance with the Code requirements on Energy Efficiency.

Although the EEDS forms are not prescribed documents, many municipalities have adopted them to facilitate quicker permit processing and increase inspection efficiency in the field. When updating your Building Bylaw you may want to consider including the Energy Efficiency Design Summary form or a similar matrix as part of the documentation requirements for permit application submissions (please refer to the Complete Application Best Practice Guide).

The OBOA would like to acknowledge the SB-12 working group comprised of the OHBA, LMCBO and OBOA for their work in providing the industry with these valuable tools. We would also like to recognize the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for providing support to the working group. 

If you have other interpretation questions you would like to see included here, please send them along to:

Dave Potter, CBO
Town of Newmarket.

Download the FAQ's: (FAQ's)

The revised forms are available as a PDF: (Performance) | (Prescriptive)
Available as a Fillable PDF: (Performance) | (Prescriptive)

Microsoft Word Document to incorporate Municipal Branding: (Performance) | (Prescriptive)