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Becoming a Building Official

The Building Official Career

Building Officials often have a background in a specific construction trade or sufficient work experience in the industry. Many are now acquiring training in architectural or construction technology, engineering or architecture. Building Officials must have a strong knowledge in building codes, construction practices, building science and regulatory procedures as well as possessing written and verbal communication skills.
To be appointed as a Building Official, a person must successfully complete the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Examination Program which includes passing a legal/process examination as well a technical exam in the required field of practice. This qualification information must be filed with the Director of the Building Development Branch.

Depending on their qualifications, Building Officials can oversee the construction of all types of buildings. Building Officials in large urban centers may be responsible for ensure compliance on the construction of high-rise complexes or large commercial and industrial centers. Rural area Building Officials may have the opportunity to oversee new operations, estate housing or wind turbine construction.
Regardless of the location within the province of Ontario, Building Officials are responsible for enforce the same building Code.