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Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month

We rarely question our safety when we are in the buildings we live, work shop or play. This is because of the high standard in which buildings in Ontario are constructed.

In Ontario, the minimum standard for new construction, additions and alteration to existing buildings is set out in the Building Code. The Building Department of your municipality enforces the Building Code by examining building plans and specifications, issuing permits and performing inspections through the various stages of construction.

To promote the vital role Building Officials play in ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants and to create awareness of the of building regulation, the Ontario Building Officials Association promotes Building Safety Month, in conjuncture with other jurisdictions throughout Canada and the United States.

The Ontario Building Officials Association will annually proclaim May as Building Safety Month across Ontario to bring awareness to the public of the Ontario Building Code, the importance in obtaining building permits and the efforts of municipal building officials. We are also requesting that Municipal Councils issue proclamations recognizing this event.

Building Month is promoted and sponsored in cooperation with local Building Department, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Association and the building design industry.

The Purpose of the Ontario Building Code
Since 1976, the Ontario Building Code has set the minimum standard for the design and construction of all new buildings and for additions, alterations and change of use of existing buildings in the Province of Ontario. The Code is a mandatory document used by architects, engineers, designers, builders, suppliers and manufacturers with regard to construction projects which are regulated by the Code. The purpose of the Code is to set minimum standards for construction to minimize the risk to the health and safety of the occupants of a building and to provide for the barrier-free accessibility into a building and the energy efficiency of that building.

Building Code
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