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Grant Brouwer, CBCO


Photo of President Welcome to the OBOA website. As the new President for the term 2019 - 2021, I'm looking forward to working alongside the Membership as we enter a time of opportunity.

Over the past decade, the OBOA has built a strong foundation, thanks to skilled leadership, engaged members and solid partnerships with stakeholders. As we move for evolve and grow as an organization, we find ourselves in a time of growth as the province continues to grow.
The municipalities that we serve are expanding, and construction is at an all time high, which means the role of the Building Official is more important than ever.

Sustainability and accessibility are more complex and the new requirements for each have either changed significantly or been added to the Ontario Building Code, and we must keep up with the changes. That's why training is so important. The OBOA is a leader in education and as we continue working with our partners, we have opportunities to expand and further enhance our current training platform.

The OBOA has always been on the cutting edge of what the industry is doing, and we recognize the need to balance classroom education with hands-on training. Under our guidance, Building Officials of today and into the future are being groomed as guardians, making sure that buildings in Ontario continue to be safe for work and play.

But, as we've all known for a while, a large portion of Ontario's Building Officials have already or are set to retire. More than ever, we need to attract new talent and retain existing talent. By working together with our professional industry regulatory and governmental stakeholders, we can continue to strengthen the role of Ontario's Building Officials and advocate for improvements to the regulation of the code. It's only by working together that we can maintain consistency in training, so we all grow and evolve together to keep up with the demand for new buildings and infrastructure.

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